May 13, 2010

In their first attempt to alter the conditions exacerbating deforestation and destruction of the Gombe National Park Chimpanzee reserve, Solar CITIES directors Hanna Fathy and T.H. Culhane joined Grace Gobbo from the Jane Goodall Institute to build the first two village digesters in the region (one in each of two villages in M’Kalinzi) where the use of firewood is rapidly eroding the edges of the wildlife park and two in the city of Kigoma on the shores of Lake Tanganyika, where charcoal use is having an even greater negative effect on the fate of the forest.

Solar CITIES Egypt director Hanna Fathy and International Director T.H. Culhane with Jane Goodall Institute Ethnobotanist Grace Gobbo and the chief of Mkalinzi village in front of his new biodigester