We at Solar CITIES believe that everyone has the basic human right to free fuel, clean water, and healthy food. Education is the first step to self-sufficient survival, and everyone deserves access to the resources and skills to thrive, no matter their circumstances.

Your support shares “Waste-to-Energy” and “Energy Equity” education from classrooms, homes, and farms in the U.S., all the way to remote villages, refugee camps, and places of conflict around the world.

Thousands of people in both rural and urban communities have been empowered through our hands-on and online educational biogas workshops and presentations. Families in need of free, clean cooking fuel and nutrient-dense fertilizer have been able to reduce their dependence on firewood and fossil fuels, experiencing improved health & safety, and are able to grow food, flowers, and crops in previously “dead” soil.

It’s very exciting and encouraging to see a significant increase in the use of natural fuels and fertilizers around the globe. However, even with positive change, challenges come with those changes. For example, in Kenya, where the use of firewood has been banned, alternative fuels are often inaccessible or unaffordable. In Ukraine, emergency resources do not necessarily funnel down to internally displaced people in remote areas.

Biogas produced at home or on the farm is both accessible and affordable, as everyone has access to “poop” and food waste, and EVERYONE can learn to build a biodigester from materials sourced from their own community. Expensive fertilizers for growing food is unnecessary when making it at home with a simple small biodigester.

Solar CITIES is an all-volunteer organization. Your support keeps us running and makes our global outreach projects possible as we continue bringing small-scale biogas education to places like Ukraine, Haiti, Cameroon, Kenya, Ghana, Nepal, and South and Central America, through our “Train the Trainer” approach. 

We are asking everyone to to please support; even the smallest donation counts. If you are able, please consider a monthly donation, as we can only achieve stability through the commitment of others.