About Solar CITIES, Inc.

What We’re About

As a registered non-profit, Solar CITIES is an all-volunteer organization that seeks to share small-scale biogas education in ever increasing locations in the U.S. and abroad.

Our Mission

Solar CITIES is a charitable educational non-profit organization bringing clean cooking fuel and rich fertilizer to people around the world.

A Solar CITIES Puxin biodigester
A Solar CITIES Puxin biodigester

Leading with Education, Implementation, and Awareness Raising

At Solar CITIES, we appreciate that using biogas fuel is not only for cooking, but also for heating, powering generators, and more. We help communities move away from reliance on non-renewable energy sources, eliminating numerous negative environmental side effects. Our approach empowers people around the world to generate fuel sustainably and cost-effectively.

Solar CITIES works with local individuals to teach them how to create their own fuel and fertilizer with the resources they have available. Those people can then share their knowledge with others in their communities, or even with neighboring communities. This process of sharing can enable entire regions to benefit from biogas.

We consider our organization a hub, supporting entrepreneurial and educational opportunities. We teach, but we also strongly encourage and support those who are developing residential systems around the world.

One of our long term goals is to create “biogas education hubs” in each state in the US. Currently we have established biogas education hubs in New York, Pennsylvania, and Florida. We also aim to create two biogas education hubs in each country where we work. For example, Royal Renewable Energy Cameroon is an independent company, but recognized by Solar CITIES as a biogas education hub in Cameroon. Its founder, Boma Mohammed Chi has sufficiently demonstrated a level of skill and integrity that gives Solar CITIES the confidence to refer new trainees in his region of Africa to his biogas education hub to learn. This approach of creating a local support system enables us to build a firm foundation of knowledge, skill, and opportunity for positive development and growth.

A Solar CITIES Puxin biodigester