Jorma, Rafael and friends from Alemao in front of the kitchen biodigester

Luis and T.H. experimenting with a new design for using off the shelf water tanks as biodigesters in the Alemao Verdejar Favela

January 17, 2014

Solar CITIES e.V.  normally sets the wave in motion by joining receptive communities and building a small scale biogas system out of local materials.

In the summer of 2013 Culhane and Vasconcellos, joined by Insinkerator’s Julio Porta, built a 500 liter biogas system in Niteroi at the old Creche (day care center) out of the typical Brazilian tapered open water tank just to show that it could be done.

The next visit Culhane made, he and Vasconcellos built an experimental  500 liter system out of a typical sealed water tank with the members of Alemao Verdejar.

These basic training opportunities in small scale biogas build confidence and familiarity with biogas before launching into a larger community size build.

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