Photo by Jorma Görns – Luis Felipe Vasconcellos and T.H. Culhane discuss placement of an additional gas holder

July 25, 2014

Solar CITIES intern Jorma Gorns joined T.H. Culhane on a project bringing Puxin 10m3 biodigester molds to sites in Rio De Janeiro.  The initial work was done by Solar Cities Solution’s Biogas Education team members T.H. Culhane, Yair Teller, and Marcello Ambrosio, working with Dr. Gail Richardson and Architecture for Humanity’s architect Luis Felipe Vasconcellos. Three digesters were built at the site of a new elementary school and day care in Niteroi including two 4m3 units for the school’s toilet waste and one 10m3 unit for the cafeteria waste.  A constructed wetland was built alongside the school to further aerobically phytoremediate the effluent from the humanure digesters. The effluent from the food waste digester can be used directly in the school garden.

You can learn more about this project in an article by the Brazlian NGO “Catalytic Communities” in their Rio on Watch Newsletter in English here and in Portugese here.


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