Flame from the biodigester at the Mukuru Arts Academy in Mukuru Slum

June 14, 2011

Working in partnership with Simama e.V. we built a Solar CITIES enhanced ARTI digester at the Mukuru Arts Academy in Mukuru Slum, Nairobi in 2010. Simama is a German association with a mission of development through the arts. We worked with Mink Noordam and Nils Andersch from Simama and Mac teachers Henry Okayao and David Redmond. The following year, we returned to the site with Solar CITIES board member Ahmed Khalifa, Omar Nagi, photographers Andrew Castellano and Myriam Abdelaziz and journalist Hillary Rosner. During this trip we tweaked the digester and installed the Insinkerator food waste grinder, which was gifted to the school by Emerson Electronics. 

Hillary wrote an in-depth account of the project in this article.