Former Nigerian President Oluwasegun Obasanjo demonstrates the Insinkerator Food Waste Grinder that Emerson Electronics gave him as a gift to use with his home biodigester.

August 30, 2011

His Excellency President Oluwasegun Obasanjo graciously invited us to his home to build a biodigester and then brought us around Abeokuta to see his presidential library, farms, industrial operations, plantations and reforestation areas. We also attended church services and gave presentations at the local churches on the miracle and blessing of biogas as a way to end deforestation, one of President Oluwasegun Obasanjo’s passions.

Once we had built a home bioidgester for the former president and he saw how it worked, he brought us to a school, a hospital and a university to give workshops and build more biodigesters.