John Maer and T.H. Culhane sign their satisfaction upon completing the first Solar CITIES IBC at the Practical Education Center

May 29, 2015

On Friday, John Maer, preacher, teacher, and visionary, was giving us a tour of his amazing Practical Education Center which is based around aquaponics, when we spied an IBC tank lying around. We had been talking about how we might integrate small-scale biogas systems education into their curriculum all afternoon. Since I still had some uniseals and plumbing parts in the car from our previous Florida builds I said, “I don’t suppose we could just do a quick build right here and now and get the ball rolling.”

Of course John, being the type of missionary for sustainability, justice, and self-sufficiency that he is, was enthusiastic with that tinkerer’s excitement.

Within the hour we had constructed another IBC system, ending our Florida biogas building mission with a satisfying completeness. We built five digesters in five days!

Now John’s Practical Education Center can continue to spread the word about biogas digesters to the surrounding community. They host high school and college students and often work with “at-risk” youth on hands-on solutions to the questions of how to make a living and live a healthy life.  What a great way to end our Green Faith Biogas tour!