As the owner of Adragone Aeroponics, located in Gap, PA, Jody currently manages a 10,000 square foot vertical aeroponic greenhouse farm. She has a passionate desire to leave a better world that was instilled by a childhood spent on the family farm. 

Receiving the 1st Solar CITIES Puxin 10 cu. meter concrete biodigester in North America on her homestead in Glenmoore in 2014 was the catalyst for being a co-founder of Solar CITIES. Using the biodigester for manure management for her Miniature Jersey Cows seemed a natural extension of her “leave it better” philosophy – keeping the closed loop system at work on the homestead farm. 

Jody and her family use the fertilizer from the biodigester to amend and rejuvenate the soil in the fields used to create the hay eaten by the cows. Welcoming visitors to the farm to visit the “baby dragon”, pet the cows and learn some gardening tips.