Janice has a background in alternative education and a career in vertical aeroponics. With an interest in finding a more sensible and natural alternative to the minerals currently used in hydroponics and aeroponics, Janice is one of the founding members of Solar CITIES. She has been active in several youth organizations and volunteers her time in support of refugee efforts in the U.S. and abroad. Janice enjoys teaching people of all ages how to combine old world skills with modern simple technologies. Her passion is in helping people to help themselves. 

Janice’s educational background is in Psychology, and Visual & Performing Arts, which she has applied to her career in education – both traditional and alternative. 

Partnering with former Congressman Patrick Murphy, an Iraq War veteran, in 2006, she co-founded an organization to help Iraqi interpreters continue their education in the US. As the Iraqi refugee crisis grew, merged her efforts with that of The List Project to Resettle Iraqi Allies. 

Currently, Janice focuses on vertical aeroponic food growing and food security with Juice Plus Tower Garden and with Adragone Aeroponics in Glenmoore, Pennsylvania. 

She has been an active volunteer in Girl Scouts, Boys Scouts, Venture Crew, and 4-H and is a former member of the Chester County Women’s Commission and a current member of the Chester County China Initiative. 

Known for her ability to bring diverse stakeholders together, Janice has built a strong network of environmentally and socially conscious individuals. She earned her certification in International Permaculture Design, choosing to specialize in small-scale biodigestion. 

As part of her educational outreach with Solar CITIES, Janice offers hands-on presentations and workshops in aeroponics, biogas, and a variety of other topics.