What We Do

We are an internationally recognized educational non-profit organization bringing clean, free fuel and nutrient dense fertilizer to people around the world. We deliver biogas systems to suburban and urban gardeners everywhere, to farmers in the U.S., and to remote villages and refugee camps around the world. Our mission and educational program is based on the work and vision of Dr. Thomas H. Culhane.

Al Najaf - Iraq 2014

10 cu. meter Solar CITIES Puxin concrete biodigester, installed on a farm in Al Najaf, Iraq in 2014. The project was led by Taha Majeed of the Ministry of Science and Technology IRAQ / Renewable Energy Directorate.

Where We Work

Check out the map below to see where Solar CITIES has implemented biogas education programs – and biodigesters – through “hands-on” workshops. Some of these locations have two or more biodigesters in place, as part of our mission is to have two biogas education “hubs” in each location in order to build continued community learning support. For more information about each project, visit our projects page.